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What stops you from finding your Soulmate?  The truth is you may have love blocks and toxic patterns that have kept you stuck, and have kept you from finding and keeping the love of your life.
There are magical ingredients and steps to follow in your love journey to attract in and choose your true Soulmate.
I know this journey so well because it's been mine.  It took me many painful years to figure out the correct path of successful dating. Fortunately for me adversity creates wisdom.
By stepping into your divine confidence, power and self love you can attract in REAL love and your whole Universe will change.

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Gina Daniels is passionate about empowering you to find epic lasting love.  Gina believes that life is too short to live a mediocre and disempowered single life. After spending many years herself settling on less then she deserved in painful relationships, she has made it her mission to teach others how not to settle and to attract in their true Soulmate. Gina’s charismatic style, armed with a relaxed sense of humour and straight forward approach, will help light up your path to find real love and connection.

"Gina Daniels is passionate about guiding you on your love journey.

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Manifest Your Soulmate Breakthru Session

A One on One 30 minuteĀ personal laser phone coaching session with Gina Daniels where we you will begin your journey t...

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Real Love Attractor One on One Program

The Real Love Attractor ProgramĀ is a twelve week program consisting of twelve one on one coaching calls with Gina Dan...

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The Real Love Attractor Group ProgramĀ is a twelve week program consisting of twelve group training calls with Gina Da...

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Real Love Attractor

9 Strategies to Epic Lasting Love

Real Love Attractor is a riveting, powerful, and ferocious call to claim your personal power. World-renowned Dating and Empowerment coach Gina Daniels reveals the secrets to finding epic lasting love. Attract in your true Soulmate, and feel loved, joyful and adored. Remove your blocks and get what you really want without anything standing in your way. 

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